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Website Firewall Activation: A Step-by-Step Guide

Sucuri Firewall is a SaaS WAF and IPS designed for websites, intercepting and inspecting incoming HTTP/HTTPS requests and stripping malicious ones at the network edge before reaching servers.

a) How do I activate the firewall using Plesk and cPanel in Sucuri Firewall ?

1. First, click on the I use cPanel or I use Plesk button under Automatic integration.

2. Then, enter your domain name, username, and password.

3. After that, click on the Login to Plesk or Login to cPanel button.

Warning: To remove the firewall, you must restore the original IP addresses of the DNS records.


b) How do I manually change DNS records in Sucuri Firewall ?

1. First, scroll to step two of the instructions for activating the website firewall.

2. Then, copy the second IP address in the gray box and log in to your host or registrar to access your domain’s DNS records.

3. After that, change the A record as indicated in the gray box.

Notes: DNS propagation can take 48 hours, and full protection only occurs when all DNS servers globally recognize your website’s connection to your firewall IP.

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