Display Advertising in Malaysia

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Basics of Display Advertising

Display advertising is the cheapest form of online marketing that helps to increase online visibility and generating traffic to a website. It also helps to create brand awareness by connecting the business with the targeted audience through a more effective medium. Have a look at the video below to get an overview of what display advertising is about.

Definition of Display Advertising

Display advertising is an online approach use to advertise a product or service on a third party’s website or mobile app. Display ads are also known as banner ads because of how it is shown alongside the content. There are different types of display advertisements and the most commonly used are text, image, and video.

The most recognized platform for delivering display ads is through the GDN or Google Display Network. GDN has the potential to show your business or brand close to 90% of the total internet users across millions of websites and apps. As of today, Google Display Network has significantly replaced other forms of advertisement such as print media.

Google Display Network vs Print Media

The biggest advantage of the Google Display Network over print media is its ability to learn the behavior of internet users. By leveraging GDN, we can show our display ads only to certain groups of users that can potentially do business with us. Now, your business is able to reach a larger audience and generate more promising customer leads.

Recapture Your Potential Customers with Remarketing

Remarketing is a strategy that utilizes Google Display Network to advertise back to users who have visited your website but left without doing any business. GDN remarketing is an effective way of recapturing potential customers. It also helps in bringing back customers who did not give their contact information on your website and opted to leave it.

Benefits of Display Advertising

Now, you learn what is display advertising and how Google Display Network can deliver display ads to almost 90% of the total internet users. Next, let us help you understand why a lot of businesses start to change their marketing strategies by investing more in display advertising. Here, you can study the benefits of display advertising.

Easy Way to Convert

Reach a larger audience at a lower CPC or Cost Per Click to generate traffic to your website and get sales in an easy way without doing any keywords research.

Hyper Targeted

GDN’s capability to learn the behavior of internet users allows your business to efficiently show your display ads to potential customers with higher conversion rates.

Delivers Fast Results

Display advertising has a wide variety of ad formats to promote and connect with the targeted audience that delivers fast results using an effective call to action.

Easily Track Results

Unlike print media, GDN is able to track the results and performance of your display ads including how many users see your ads and how many users click your ads.

Increases Online Revenue

Using remarketing your business can utilize GDN to advertise back your product or service to visited users and recapture potential customers hence increasing your online revenue.

Effective Way to Advertise

Your business can gain customer insights by tracking your results thus measure the display ads performance and calculate the ROI to further improve your marketing strategy.

Key Metrics of Display Advertising

Display advertising has changed the way businesses spend on marketing. Many businesses today chose to invest more in display advertising compared to traditional marketing hence why you can see so many empty billboards on the road. Let us have a look at the key metrics of display advertising to gain insights into the performance of your banner ads.


Impressions is the measurement of how frequently a display ad is seen by an internet user. An internet user can see the same display ad many times.


Reach is the number of internet users who have seen the display advertisement. Reach is used to measure how far a display ad has come across internet users.


Click is the action from internet users on the display ad. Click is used to determine how engaging a display ad is through the number of clicks it received.

Click Through Rate

A click through rate is the ratio of the clicks to the impressions. The click through rate is calculated to measure the effectiveness of a display ad.

Cost Per Click

CPC is the amount you pay to Google for each click from your display ad. Google uses an ad bidding model to select which display ads to show.

Cost Per Action

CPA or Cost Per Action is also known as Cost Per Acquisition. It measures the cost of a customer taking an action that leads to a conversion.

#1 Display Ads Management Agency in Malaysia

For years WebServer has been helping many businesses from various industries to get their brand known to the internet and increase their online presence. We are the #1 display ads management agency in Malaysia and a certified Google Partner that solely focuses the marketing effort on Google. Here are some of the many businesses that we aided.


DEILC or Direct English International Language Centre is strived to be the primary training provider for English in Malaysia. The challenge is they are new in the market and wanted to create brand awareness. Our team worked together with them and achieved an increment of 15% on their conversion rate and get a 600% return on ad spend.


ButikBos is the largest plus size clothing store for men and women that is based in Malaysia. They wanted to increase the online visibility for their brand and generate more sales. Our team of experts developed customized solutions for them and has increased their conversion rate by 6% and generate a 400% ROI from their ad campaigns.

What Our Client Says

Bonus: Tips for Banner Ads


Use the Right Language

Your display ads should speak to each group of the targeted audience independently, not as if they were one and the same since different people has a different tone.

Use Catchy Copy

Most of the display ads are usually in visual representations but it does not mean you are restrained and not able to get creative on the ad copy.

Clutter Free Imagery

The photo you use should be simple, clutter free, capsulize what your message and brand is about, and prominent enough to get the attention of internet users.

Compelling Call to Action

You need to use a benefit driven copy inside a button like shape to grab attention since we are accustomed to recognize this format as a call to action.

Reach More Targeted Audiences

WebServer is #1 display ads management agency in Malaysia and we have the track record to prove it. With our elite ads management team, we can help increase your online visibility with a display ads campaign that is specifically designed for your business. Start getting more qualified leads to your website today with our display advertising services.