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The opportunity to provide total solution to your clients are now available. Retain your clients by providing them value added services apart from your core offers. is offering multiple partner programs to accommodate your business models. We would ensure that your clients will be having a superior hosting services experience with us from time to time. Honest, Reliable and Responsive is our promise to you and your client.

Why is your choice of Business Partner?

  • 24/7 Technical live Support
  • Hosted in World Class data centers
  • Reliable Servers
  • Easy managed Online Billing System
  • Stable and Fast Connection with 99.9% Server Uptime
  • Pre-installed CMS Hosting
  • Affordable hosting plans
  • Premier commissions

Let’s move forward our business together and your soonest participation is the right business decision!!

Our reseller program allows you to utilize our dedicated Web servers to provide your clients with turnkey Internet solutions. Our reseller program is designed to be a simple, flexible program which provides you the freedom and control to manage your client sites. provides volume dependent discounts on all web hosting packages to resellers and group purchasers.

Benefits Includes:

  1. Increase customer loyalty and revenues by adding virtual server Web hosting services to the list of Internet related development services your company already provides.
  2. Avoid the expense involved in maintaining in-house Internet Web servers, mail servers, primary and secondary DNS servers, etc.
  3. Complete freedom to set pricing for hosting services at competitive rates your company establishes.
  4. remains anonymous for each account you set-up as a reseller. This allows you to promote your company and resell our hosting services under your company name. will bill you directly for each site, not your client.
  5. NameServer Privacy. New, this optional feature in the reseller program will allow you to maintain complete anonyminity by placing your domains on your own nameservers.
  6. It is impossible for anyone to determine that you are a Reseller – you will appear to maintain your own server farm, an important part in establishing a true private label. This optional service will apply to all domains you host with us.
  7. Priority Technical support for our resellers to ensure that you are providing the best service possible for your clients.
  8. 24 x 7 Emergency support facilities for urgent technical issues requiring immediate resolution.

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