Azure Site Disaster Recovery - Recover failing site within 5 minutes!

Azure Disaster Recovery – Disaster Recovery Solution with the Best in Class RPO and RTO

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Azure Site Recovery – Disaster Recovery Solution with the Best in Class RPO and RTO

You might come across with Disaster Recovery or Site Recovery in your mind. You might aware that IT “disasters” is always a concern matter across the market. And most of the time, IT “disasters” will lead to an unexpected data loss or result to a sudden change towards the application or data structures. Those “disasters” might cause a huge impact to your organization, enterprise or your running web application platform. They will cause outages on your business contribute to your business’ downtime, which is really BAD!
Here comes the solution, a disaster recovery solution that promises you in the best of Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO). Get more information at WebServer MY @ Facebook!
Azure Site Recovery

Simple & Cost Effective

With Azure Site Recovery, you will not be required to buy any additional hardware or hire expert IT personnel for disaster recovery. You will only have to expense on the maintain your protecting instance and rent the storage to store your backups.


Data Replicate

With Azure Site Recovery, data in your site can be replicated easily and synchronously to the cloud which is host by Azure. You can have a peace of mind with your data stored securely & monitored by Azure Cloud Storage Services. Besides, you can replicate the data to different Azure region from it for disaster recovery.


Recovery Plan

Azure Site Recovery will replicate an Azure VM at the cloud. Which will failover your site as well as other necessary applications available during outages with automatic recovery from on-premises to Azure.

Disaster Recovery

Failover Test

You can simulate & test your disaster recovery plan by using failover test. This is used to ensure the reliability of your disaster recovery plan to prevent disaster recovery plan failure on the action. The failover test will not impact to your customers who are currently browsing your site or using your service.

Disaster Recovery

Outstanding Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

Recovery Point Objective (RPO) determines the acceptance time for the data to be recover in a disaster recovery session. A lower RPO is usually better as it indicates a shorter time of data loss from the moment system failure. By using Azure Site Recovery, a crash-recovery point is created with a frequency of 5 minutes. Thus, if you met with a failure, you even can preform disaster recovery with latest updates of your sites within 5 minutes of data loss!


Best in class Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

Azure Site Recovery has an outstanding performance for recovering your site. Azure Site Recovery can take as low as 30 minutes to complete a failover. Ensuring your business compliance and customer satisfaction with a reliable recovery time, which minimize the outage of your site.

Azure Site Recovery


Almost Zero Downtime

Keep your site always online although when disaster occur.

Azure Site Recovery ensure your site targeting to a zero downtime.

When a disaster occur to your server or your hosting data center. You can always keep your site online to your client by using Azure Site Recovery.

The replicate of your site on Azure Cloud will immediately turned into use and directs your client to the new working site.

ASR - Customisable Recovery Plan

Customisable Recovery Plan

Create an unique recovery plan that suits you bests

Azure Site Recovery allows user to freely modify their recovery plan. Which user can select on which layer should be recovery first and what will be linked next.

This will be handy when you are running a large CMS which the system is categorised by module. By customising your unique recovery plan, you can allow important modules to be set-up as soon as your primary server broke down. Which will enhance the recovery time of your website!

Cost Saving by Asure Site Recovery

Trustable solution with low cost

Get a peace of mind with only a low cost

Azure Site Recovery eliminates the necessity to purchase or rent additional premises as well as experties in order to preform a site recovery.

The pricing will greatly reduced compare to the traditional solution and Microsoft Azure will keep your website to function smoothly as promised, no matter what disaster happens such as power outages or hardware failure.

Who will need Azure Site Recovery to their website?

Azure Site Recovery is a perfect solution for website that aiming for perfect availability and focus on customer compliances. With this solution, you can greatly reduce your downtime and protect the data packets from losing due to those IT "disaster".

Azure Site Recovery suitable for user that:

• Hosting a website that requires a good compliance to their client

• Ensure the information of the website must up-to-date

• Require a website with minimal data loss from client

• Intend to protect the availability of the website from outages

• Want to save costs to run a secondary site for site recovery

• Want to save prevent unnecessary adminstrative overhead for recovery

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