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.COM.MY Domain / .MY Domain / NET.MY Domain / ORG.MY Domain / domain from webserver

DOMAIN NAME MALAYSIA - WebServer’s Domain Proxy Service

Securing a reliable domain is essential in business expansion, significant local presence, and brand credibility in Malaysia. As your trusted domain hosting provider, WebServer provides domain proxy service or domain trustee services that work best for your business solution and acts as your domain guardian for a bright business future in Malaysia.

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Note: Any Domain names with 1-3 characters are not available for public purchase.

Mynic Domain Provider

Why .COM.MY Domain ?


Avoid using businesses that are only present on social media. The higher chance of considering your business credible over those businesses that do not have a website yet during consumer make the purchase decision.


Having a website positively contributed to more customers & brand awareness. Online business with domain is a trend now especially during this pandemic, everyone prefers online shopping in Malaysia.


.MY / .COM.MY domain endings as most Malaysians prefer when looking to buy online. It tells people who you are and where you are. The Malaysia domain is essential for any business trading in Malaysia.

Supporting documents needed for registering new .MY domain name.

(Mynic) Malaysia Domain Name

.MY Domain

Documents Required:

  • Borang 9 / Form 9
    (Certificate of Incorporation for SDN BHD)
  • Borang D / Form D
    (Certificate of Incorporation for Enterprise/Sole Proprietor)
  • Malaysian Identification Card (Individual)

.COM.MY Domain

Documents Required:

.NET.MY Domain

Documents Required:

.ORG.MY Domain

Documents Required:

  • Letter From the Government Department’s Director. 



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