WE PROVIDE Get Started Allows you to have a secure cloud drive storage to backup your important files, documents, and data


Best Cloud Storage for Small Business in Malaysia


WebServer’s Cloud Storage service allows clients to secure cloud data storage to backup important files, documents and data. Ensure a smooth business operation and drive profit to your business with cost-effective and flexible marketing solutions with the most secure, fast, and reliable cloud storage solution by WebServer.

Why Use Private Cloud Storage ?


Purchasing physical storage can be expensive. Without the need for hardware, WebServer’s Cloud Storage solution can be exceptionally cheaper than using external drives, eventually, lead to higher profit for the business.

Enhanced Security

WebServer’s Cloud Storage service includes additional layers of security for clients. Since there are many people with files stored on the cloud, our dedicated personnel team goes to added lengths to ensure that your files don't get accessed by someone who shouldn't.

Usability & Accessibility

Leveraging on the cloud for storage gives clients access to files from anywhere that has an internet connection, and at any time. This will lead to a smooth work process across the organisation.

Pricing Plan

Select Best Plan

User Access
Upload/Ingress Quota
Download/Egress Quota
Operation Charge*
Cloud Facilities Protection & Security
Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android Supported
Instant Service Deployment
Cancellation is available anytime*

Lite Cloud


FREE / 30 day

Basic Cloud

FOR 100 GB

RM 20 / month

Advanced Cloud Storage



Premium Cloud

FOR 1000

RM 200 / month

Why Choose WebServer’s Private Cloud Storage ?

Scheduled Cloud Backup & Syncing

Our Cloud Storage solution at WebServer allows clients to set up an automated cloud backup and sync to ensure the backup files are always up-to-date.

Instant Data Disaster Recovery

With WebServer Cloud Storage solution, your data will get back recovered as soon as after an IT Disaster occurred. NO CHARGES when you perform any operations on your Cloud Storage/Drive.

Unlimited User Access to Cloud

Unlike other cloud storage providers, WebServer provides you with UNLIMITED User Access to the cloud storage to perform various actions, including file sending, backup, syncing and storage.

Unlimited Upload / Download Quota

WebServer’s Cloud Storage solution enables clients to perform cloud backup & storage anytime they need.

Instant Deployment & Delivery

Webserver provides clients with Instant Deployment & Delivery upon purchasing. Assist you in securing your important files in no time.

Reliable and Responsive Service

Webserver MY Data Center committed in providing reliable, responsive and quality services and we conduct network monitoring under 24×7 basis.



A private cloud is a single-tenant environment, meaning the organisation using it (the tenant) does not share resources with other users. Those resources can be hosted and managed in a variety of ways.

Public cloud is cloud computing that’s delivered via the internet and shared across organisations. Private cloud is cloud computing that is dedicated solely to your organisation. Hybrid cloud is an environment that uses both public and private clouds.

Private clouds can be used to run any application or service, including websites, web application backends, virtual desktop infrastructure, big data and machine learning applications, and databases.

Your data is protected when our plan acts as back-up in the Private Cloud Server. These files are stored in secured private cloud environment in a remote area and easily accessible by via internet connection.

Servers are hosted in Acme Data Center, Malaysia. Our high performance network connectivity is fast, reliable and scalable. It combines key components that are critical to the operation of a state-of-the-art Internet service: a high capacity national backbone, a 24 hour Network Operations Center (NOC) and superior engineering support services.

A private cloud offers flexibility, cost savings, security, and control benefits. These benefits are precious for businesses with predictable workloads or customisation requirements and businesses in regulated industries.

Yes, you can upgrade from Plan to Plan or even you can add-on additional users to utilise the current data protection server.

You may sign-up online or contact our Business Team at sales@webserver.com.my or call us at 03-27702833.

Setup will be done within 24 to 48 hours.



Client Photo
Dr. Andy Ng Manager

You have developed a creative solution for our requirements and have provided a professional yet personalised service.

Client Photo
KB Lim Manager

Your team have been proactive in suggesting new ideasand solutions whenever any problem arises.

Client Photo
Raymond Lok Aalborg White Asia Sdn. Bhd.

I feel the whole WEBSERVER is quite good and well trained in order to answer the call and specially to greet customer.

Client Photo
Mirza World Education Council

I am again really thankful to Ms. Lam for supporting us in hard times and I do hope that in future also webserver will support us in hard times.

Client Photo
Stevens Chan Save Ones Sight Missions Berhad

Thank you very much for the continued support towards our Missions for the past years.

Client Photo
Nathan Feng Shui Times

I have of late been receiving quite numbers of e-mails from your system indicating that viruses were sent to me and it was stopped by your system.



Protect Users' information

256-bit point-to-point encryption technology prevent user privacy information so that they won't be stolen and codified. Your client will feel safe to shop on your website.

Protect your website

The Sucuri Firewall is a cloud-based WAF that stops website hacks and attacks. Ensure website is secure and let you gain peace of mind.