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Microsoft Sharepoint Online -File Sharing Made Easy In Your Office


Microsoft Sharepoint Online  file sharing, project tracking & management to empower your business. It allow you to share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to empower teamwork, quickly find information, preform product management and seamlessly collaborate across the organization.


Icon_FileSharingStorage_55x40File sharing and storage

File sharing and at least 1 TB of OneDrive storage per user.


project trackingExternal sharing

Securely share files and content with people inside and outside your organization.


file sharingContent management

Organize and manage content in libraries and lists with metadata, records management, and retention policies.

project managementTeam sites

Provide a place for your team to organize and collaborate on content, data, and news to stay on the same page

Icon_Communication_Grey_55x40Communication sites

Broadly share and communicate your group’s message across the organization with beautiful, dynamic communication sites. Preform project tracking and project management for your business


Inform and engage your organization with intranets and sites to tell your story, announce your news, project tracking, project management, share resources, streamline processes, and engage people.


Icon_MobileApps_55x40Mobile apps

Access intranets, team sites and content with the SharePoint mobile app for Android™, iOS®, and Windows and OneDrive mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows.


Icon_AutomeWork_55x40Automate work

Automate business processes with alerts and workflows.



Discover relevant people and important content when you need it most.



Find content in electronic format for litigation or audit scenarios.


Icon_DLPCapabilities_55x40DLP capabilities

Inform and engage your organization with intranets and sites to tell your story, announce your news, share resources, streamline processes, and engage people.


Icon_In-PlaceHold_55x40In-Place Hold

Use In-Place Hold to programmatically prevent content deletion or editing.


microsoft share





Storage Space

File Sharing

Sync Files/Folder

Co-author in Real Time

Inform and Connect with Intranets and Portals

Tel Story with Beautiful Communication Sites 

Use Team Sites to Connect Teams to Content. Expertise. and Process

Organize and Manage Content in Libraries and Lists with Metadata, Records Manager 

Move and Manage Files Between OneDrive and SharePoint

Search and Discover Relevant People and Important Content when You Need it Most

Navigate Your Team Sites and Intranet with the SharePoint Mobile Apps for Android

Fast Track Support with Purchase of 50+ Seats at No Extra Cost

24/7 Phone and Web Support

Customize Your Enterprise Search and Results with Enhanced Features to Surface Resources Across Office 365

Find Content in Electronic Format for Litigation or Audit Scenarios

Use Advanced DLP Capabilities to Identify, Monitor. and Protect Sensitive Information

Use In-Place Holds to Programmatically Preserve Content from Deletion or Edit




1 TB of  OneDrive Storage per user





Unlimited OneDrive Storage


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Facts Why Clients Use Our Dedicated Servers

Proven since 1999

Proven since 1999

Trusted Hosting

Experience of transporting over 10 million emails daily and managing over 500 servers for clients across 70 countries.

Highly Secured

Highly Secured

Reputation Management

All servers and appliances are secured with managed firewall. Our Managed Firewall Team work 24/7 to keep your server secured.

Reliable Infrastructure

Reliable Infrastructure

Total Reliability

We are not stingy when in come to infrastructure investment. We use only proven servers and appliance such as Dell, Intel, CISCO etc.

Satisfied Clients

Satisfied Clients

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Our recent survey shows that 98% of our clients are satisfied and happy with the services we provided. Assuring you quality service and respond time is our commitment.

Complete Hosting

Complete Hosting

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We undertake all your web hosting infrastructures. We help your business to reduce IT infrastructure cost via complete outsourcing.

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24/7 Live Support

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