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Sucuri Web Application Firewall Malaysia

Best In Class Website Security Scanner & Solutions for 24/7 Protection, Secure & Support

Sucuri WAF (Web Application Firewall) is a cloud-based website security solution. It provides full-range protection to enhance your website security including website scanner, malware removal, website vulnerable detection, data breaches alert as well as 24/7 real-time monitoring to prevent threat attack on your website. Sucuri WAF Malaysia will be your all-in-one solution to protect your website.

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Reasons you need Sucuri Web Application Firewall


Full Coverage Web Security Solutions

Sucuri WAF provides with a full-coverage protection range from Website Check to Malware Scanner and removal as well as Threats & Virus Prevention. It keeps your website safe and prevent future websites to attack from any kinds.


Performance Booster

Sucuri WAF is the best in class web security solutions as it not only providing typical website check, scanner and other website security services. It also boosts up your website loading speed by 70% from usual with optimizing Smart Multiple Caching in Global Content Delivery Network (CDN).


Immediate & Accurate Detection

Sucuri WAF patented invention on code anomalies and heuristic detection will detect website threats via malicious signature. That could be provided by any types of malware, including Phishing, Backdoors, Data Breaching, SQL injection, etc. It greatly reduces the possibility of giving false alerts to you.


Zero-Day Prevention

Sucuri WAF constructed with a great defensive database for website protect and malware prevention. It captures all possible vulnerables and prevent them ahead from vulnerability exploitations. Besides, Sucuri Website Scan will perform scheduled website issue & malware scanning at your website daily.


Unlimited Webpages Protection

Sucuri Web Application Firewall serves a full protection on unlimited number of webpages at your site. This results with some important benefits as Sucuri WAF preform scanning, clean-up and optimization exclusively on every webpage on your site. It also provided with protected pages features that protect sensitive web pages on your site using password, IP, or CAPTCHA validation.


Universal Website Security Solution

Nowadays, Web Application Firewall had become an essential tool for every website to protect valuable data and create trustworthiness. Sucuri WAF provide all-in-one solution on website of any niche including E-Commerce Website, Enterprise Website, Agency Website, Education.Website or Personal Blog. Sucuri is also compatible with most of the CMSs (Content Management System) such as WordPress, Drupal, Django, etc.

Pricing Table


Number of Website

 Number of Webpage

Web Application Firewall (WAF) 

Malware Removal Custom

SSL Certificate Support


DDOS Attack Mitigation

Block Hack Attempts

Prevent Zero-Day Exploits

Load Balancing / Failover

Intrusion Detection System

Brute Force Protection


RM 79.90

/ Month

1 Website


Potential threats without Web Application Firewall


Sucuri WAF Security Solution

Brute Force Attack

Break your websites security firewalls and slow down your performance.

Brute Force Attack is also known as dictionary attack which an automated software will designed to attempt trial-and-error on a user password. Besides, it also slows down your website’s performance!

Sucuri Website Firewall use a combination of detection methods and whitelisting to scan and restrict malicious bots as well as entries from public to your website.

SEO Spamming

Dirty SEO infection may take advantage from your website.

Dirty SEO will hide in your website and injecting your website with a lot of unnessary and malicious links. These links will affect your website and branding reputations by all search engines and finally damage your sales performances.

Sucuri Web Application Firewall will perform on website check, malware scanner at daily basis to ensure that your website always clean from any infection.

Sucuri Web Application Firewall Website Check prevent SEO Spamming
Sucuri Website Security Solution

Online Payment Compliance

Data leak results heavy financial loss and lost your compliance

Data leak is one of the most crucial problems when a website gets hacked. You will not only lose all your current information, data as well as income. You will also lose out your compliance to your customers, and also other potential investors.

Sucuri WAF can protect you with malware removal and data leak prevention, comply with the global credit card information security standards.

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