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SSL Certification & Encryption of website

Provide you with the Cheapest & Best Quality SSL Certificate to protect your website.

SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) will provide an encryption technology that ensures the interconnectivity between two or more systems is secure and encrypted from unauthorized access. Different from those Free SSL cert which only provides with limited or no encryption features, Webserver MY introduces you with a variety of popular SSL branding in the best & cheap pricing based on your business requirement.


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Why I need SSL ?

Encrypt websit

Encrypt website to protect sensitive information

The main purpose of SSL certificates is to protect sensitive and confidential business information from being accessed or exploited by unauthorized authority. SSL Encryption ensures the security of your site when communicating with other systems, such as B2B communication or B2C communication. If your website provides users to login and stores their login information, you will always require an SSL cert to encrypt the website.

increase SEO ranking

Increase your Site Ranking at Search Engine

As we know that SEO algorithm by Search Engine considers the genuine and security of the website as one of the important aspects. Having an SSL also will enable your site to achieve a better ranking as it is promised to protect the website with proper measure of encryption. Besides, Google is now emphasising on online security where a “Not Secure” flag will appear on the URL bar if the site does not apply with SSL Certificate.



Apart from encryption purpose, it also enables authentication of your website for your business. SSL certificates such as OV or EV certificates usually require the company actual information and legal documents for registration, that encryption service will only provide after the reliability of the information is assured. Thus, SSL encryption will ensure the authenticity of the website and it will be more likely to be trusted.

Keep data secure with ssl certificate

Keep data secure between the servers

Encryption can prevent hackers from stealing information. As a result, that help you to avoid the risk of being responsible for a security breach that results in your members’ information being spread across the whole internet. Encrypt your website always bring more benefits then it costs, a free digital cert would only offer you with a limited or no security encryption features.

Types of SSL Encryption Certification

Domain Validated (DV) Certificates

Domain Validated (DV) Certificates

DV certificate validates the domain ownership only, which SSL certificate recognizes the validity of the domain only but not including the validity of the owner or business of the domain.

  • Cheap in price
  • Rapid and easy to obtain
  • No authentication documents required
  • Less trustworthy, and does not ensure the organization identity
  • Suitable for small business or personal website
  • Best brands for DV certificates: Rapid SSL , SSL Thawte

Organization Validation (OV) Certificates

OV Certificate validates the domain ownership and organization details who owns the domain, user can check on the details on the browsers. Ensure a higher authentic level of the domain.

  • Moderate in price
  • Require a longer time to prepare
  • Some authentication documents required
  • Trustworthy, ensure the validity of the organization who owns the domain
  • Suitable for most of business website, e-commerce website
  • Best brands for OV certificates: GeoTrust SSL, SSL Symantec
Encrypt website Organization Validation (OV) Certificates
Extended Validation (EV) Certificates

Extended Validation (EV) Certificates

EV Certificate provides the highest trustworthy degree of a domain. It provides the most complete verification checking for the domain, organization, locations and other identity verification. This type of certificate ensures the unique and absolute authority of the domain by a business.

  • Pricing varies based on the feature provided by the certificates
  • Require a longer time to prepare
  • More authentication documents required for accurate validation
  • Most Trustworthy, ensure the absolute authority of the domain and the ownership
  • Suitable for most of business website, e-commerce website
  • Best brands for EV certificates: SSL ThawteGeoTrust SSLSSL Symantec

How does SSL Certificates Works?

SSL Certificates able encrypt website by establishes a communication standard between the client and the SSL encrypted website.

  • Any browsers or servers that connected to SSL encrypted website will automatically request on the SSL identity from the server
  • When the browsers or servers receive a copy of SSL certificate information from the server, the browsers or servers will regulate the trust towards the certificate.
  • Most browsers or servers will have a set of protocols to ensure the SSL cert information is true and trustable.
  • An encrypted data connection is established between the browsers and SSL encrypted website and all the information transfer will perform under encryption.
Encryption process
Secure vs Safe

Secure vs Safe

Does a website with an SSL certificate is always safe? Not really. A website installed with it does not determine that the website is trustable. An SSL certification only can assure the communication between two or more parties is encrypted and secured, but it does not promise that the targeted party is always trustable.

To promise a next level of security, OV and EV SSL might be handy to assure the authentication and trust of a website. This is because these certificates will require actual information and legal documents to prove the identity of the business. Furthermore, a special green address bar and the specialised paddle lock icon will appear on your URL which indicates your business website is trustable, encrypted and real.

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Proven since 1999

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