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Secure & Reliable Storage for Your Business


As the leading web hosting provider in Malaysia, our team at WebServer has developed a Cloud Storage Services solution for your business where data is stored on remote servers dedicated only to a single customer. Secure your data and drive profit to your business with Malaysia’s most reliable storage with WebServer’s Cloud Storage Services.

Why Choose WebServer Cloud Storage Services Solution?

Efficiency & Control

Private clouds are hosted either on-site or on in a third-party data centre, that is also a privately hosted environment. This gives you more control over your data and infrastructure, allowing you to intervene promptly should changes be needed.

Business Continuity

Ensuring business continuity is more difficult to achieve if you don’t own your infrastructure. In this agile, constantly changing business world, with technology evolving at a fast pace, a private cloud lets you have privacy, control, and can ensure your business’s continuity.


An essential feature of private clouds is the level of customisation they offer. Each organisation has a set of technical and business requirements that usually vary according to company size, industry, business objectives etc.

Improved Data Security & Privacy

Another great benefit of private clouds is the improved level of security compared to the public cloud. All data is saved and managed on servers to which no other company has access. This greatly improves data privacy.

Pricing Plan

Select Best Plan

Storage Space
Users Login
File Synchronization
Connect unlimited devices
Unlimited storage space for each user
Support common file types
Two-step verification
Access files when offline
Wipe devices remotely
Advanced security
Share files with external contacts
Cloud Audit Logs

Cloud Storage

RM 199 / month
up to 15

Cloud Storage

RM 369 / month
Up to 30

Cloud Storage

RM 679 / month
Up to 60

Cloud Storage

RM 1,199 / month
Up to 120

Cloud Storage

RM 2,199 / month
Up to 240

We Offer

Features Included

Reliable File Syncing

Organize files into libraries. Library can be selectively synced into any device. Reliable and efficient file syncing improves your productivity.

Built-in File Encryption

Library can be encrypted by a password chosen by you. Files are encrypted before syncing to the server. Even the system admin can’t view the files.

Team Collaboration

Sharing into groups and collaboration around files. Permission control, versioning and activity notification make collaboration easy and reliable.

High Performance

The core of Private Cloud Storage is written in C programming language. It is small and has a fantastic performance.

Easy to Upgrade

Upgrade can be done via running a simple script within seconds. No huge database upgrade is needed.

Enterprise Ready

AD/LDAP integration, group syncing, fine-grained permission control make the it easily applied to any enterprise environment.


Cloud storage is a cloud computing model that stores data on the Internet through a cloud computing provider who manages and operates data storage as a service. It’s delivered on-demand with just-in-time capacity and costs and eliminates buying and managing your own data storage infrastructure.

Cost-Effective: The pay-as-you-use cloud storage policy also relieves users from paying hefty amounts on managing sophisticated and space-dependent storage mediums. You only pay for what you use. Unlike, in-house storage networks, you don’t have to pay hefty amounts on the operation and capital expenses.

Sharing files with unlimited groups. Its allow multiple people to edit and collaborate on a single file or document. You don’t have to worry about tracking the latest version or who has made what changes. Permission control, versioning and activity notification make collaboration easy and reliable.

One of the main benefits of using cloud storage is convenience. Because we’re all connected to the internet (many of us 24/7), people are finding that they need access to data from anywhere in the world at any time. This is where cloud storage wins out over local storage.

Yes, your data is relatively safe in the cloud—likely much more so than on your hard drive. Besides, files are easy to access and maintain.



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Dr. Andy Ng Manager

You have developed a creative solution for our requirements and have provided a professional yet personalised service.

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KB Lim Manager

Your team have been proactive in suggesting new ideasand solutions whenever any problem arises.

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Raymond Lok Aalborg White Asia Sdn. Bhd.

I feel the whole WEBSERVER is quite good and well trained in order to answer the call and specially to greet customer.

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Mirza World Education Council

I am again really thankful to Ms. Lam for supporting us in hard times and I do hope that in future also webserver will support us in hard times.

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Stevens Chan Save Ones Sight Missions Berhad

Thank you very much for the continued support towards our Missions for the past years.

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Nathan Feng Shui Times

I have of late been receiving quite numbers of e-mails from your system indicating that viruses were sent to me and it was stopped by your system.



Protect Users' information

256-bit point-to-point encryption technology prevent user privacy information so that they won't be stolen and codified. Your client will feel safe to shop on your website.

Protect your website

The Sucuri Firewall is a cloud-based WAF that stops website hacks and attacks. Ensure website is secure and let you gain peace of mind.