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Microsoft SharePoint FAQs: Common Questions and In-Depth Answers

a) How long will it take to migrate or upgrade my SharePoint environment ?

Microsoft SharePoint

The timeline for a migration or upgrade project depends on the content to be added, so it’s crucial to consult an experienced SharePoint consultant about requirements, timeframe, and budget.

b) When I migrate files to SharePoint, can I still follow the folder format in the file share ?

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint’s powerful search capabilities simplify file organization and categorization using metadata. Its ability to accommodate a folder structure similar to a file share makes it unnecessary to use multiple folders. Consistent file labeling makes it easier to find them for future use without having to search through multiple folders.

c) Should I migrate my entire file server to SharePoint as my only document storage platform ?

Microsoft SharePoint

Many files are not suitable for web-based storage due to SharePoint’s higher infrastructure and management costs. Only migrate documents that benefit from a hosted, version-controlled collaboration space. Identify active and inactive files, save inactive files on cheaper file server storage, and index them using search or third-party add-ons.

d) Can I use SharePoint to manage my policies and procedures ?

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint, integrated into Microsoft 365’s digital workplace, offers a comprehensive solution for managing the entire policy lifecycle, eliminating the need for users to store documents in one system and apply metadata and tags for compliance in another.

e) Do I need to install an application to access SharePoint ?

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint is a web-based platform accessible via any browser or device, but users can enhance their experience by installing the SharePoint app on their mobile device.

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