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Cloud VPS FAQs: Common Questions and In-Depth Answers

a) Is a cloud VPS safe ?

Cloud VPS

Yes ! Your data is copied to another server, ensuring that any VPS hosted on that server is isolated from other dedicated servers without any downtime or data loss.

b) Which operating system are you using to use a cloud VPS ?

We use CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, and Windows operating systems.

c) How many domains can Cloud VPS use ?

A cloud VPS allows unlimited domain and MySQL usage, depending on service usage, optimization, and server resource utilization.

d) Can I install cPanel in Cloud VPS ?

Yes! cPanel can be installed on a cloud VPS.

e) Does Cloud VPS have anti-DDos protection ? Why is it so important ?

DDoS attacks pose a significant threat to organizations around the world, and cloud VPS offers comprehensive protection against these attacks.

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