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Securing Your WordPress Site: Strategies Against Spam and Threats

Spam protection is crucial for managing contact form messages, and spam detection tools can enhance user productivity by eliminating unwanted messages and blocking unnecessary web server traffic as spam volumes increase.

a) How to install the Anti-Spam plugin

1. Log in to WordPress, then on the menu on the left side of the dashboard, click the “Plugins” button, and then click the “Add New” button.

2. Then, search for the “Akismet Spam Protection” plugin in the search box and click the “Install Now” button.


3. Once completed, click the Activate button, and it will ask you to fill in the API key in the fields provided.

4. Keep this window open and follow the steps below to obtain the API key for the Akismet Anti-Spam plugin.

5. Then, go to the Akismet website and click the Get Started button to start setting up your account.

6. After that, select the subscription plan, which offers both a paid business subscription and a free personal subscription option.

7. Next, fill out the provided fields and check all boxes, then click the Continue With Personal Subscription button to proceed.

8. Then, it will send a verification code to your registered email address.

9. Check your email and enter the confirmation code sent to your email address in the field provided, then click the “Continue” button to continue.

10. After that, navigate to the Plugins menu, select Installed Plugins, and click on the Settings button to access the Akismet plugin.

11. Next, fill in your API key and click the Connect with API key button.

12. Then, configure your preferences.

13. Finally, save all your changes, and once activated, it will begin scanning for spam through your comments and forms.

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