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Creating a Database Using PHPMyAdmin: Step-by-Step Tutorial

PHPMyAdmin is a popular MySQL database management application that handles web administration, including creation, update, deletion, modification, import, and export of database tables.

Create a database using PHPMyAdmin manually

1. Log into PHPMyAdmin. (You can get your PHPMyAdmin URL inside your cPanel or Plesk.)

2. Next, click the “New” button on the side menu, enter your database name, and then click the “Create” button to create a new database.


3. Then, click on the “Your Created Database Name” button on the side menu and specify the table name and number of columns on your right side screen before clicking the Go button to proceed to create a new table.

4. After that, add some column headings for your SQLite table.

5. Finally, click the Save button to save the column header data to the database.

Create a SQL table guideline.

1. Enter your column name in the name section.

2. Then, enter the data type of the data you want to add to the database.

3. The length/value section should be used to specify the maximum data length for the table, as the ID is automatically added.

4. To ensure automatic ID increments when new data is added, tick and check the auto-increment option.

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