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Resetting Login Credentials on Your VPS: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you suspect your VPS password has been compromised or unauthorized access has occurred, it’s crucial to reset it immediately to protect your server. It’s also recommended to regularly change passwords for all accounts, including root or administrator accounts, as a security best practice to minimize the risk of unauthorized access over time.

a) Linux


Change Linux password

1. First, log into your VPS using Putty.

2. Then,enter your VPS IP root user and enter your VPS password twice.

3. After that, enter the passwd command and press the Enter key.

4. Finally, you are able to input their new password.

Changing passwords for other users

1. First, log in as root and use the passwd [username] command.

2. Then, re-enter the new password using the command line.

3. Finally, a message indicating that the password has been updated successfully will be displayed.

b) Windows

1. First, log in to your VPS through a remote desktop.

2. Then, press Windows+R and enter lusrmgr.msc.

3. After that, expand Local Users and Groups and click the Users button.

4. Next, right-click on Administrator and click Set Password >> Continue.

5. Finally, enter your new password in both fields and click on the OK button.

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