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I have already bought a new domain name but I can not access it?

Once you purchase a new domain name from WebServer it has to be configured on your account in order to use it. If you purchased only a domain name, it does not include any hosting service. You may include at least a hosting service for the domain to be accessible. 

As optional if you have a hosting service with us, you can add-on or park it over your primary hosting.

  1. Addon DomainYou can add-on the new domain into your hosting. Based on our policy, it is required at least a Basic Hosting to perform it.
    ▪️ Addon Domain in Plesk
    ▪️ Addon Domain in cPanel

  2. Park DomainIt is known as alias domain which allow your add the domain on current hosting and the domain will be redirect to the main website of the hosting
    ▪️ Park Domain in Plesk
    ▪️ Park Domain in cPanel

If you are using another provider hosting service, you may be required to update the nameserver or subscribe to our DNS Hosting for pointing purposes.

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