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Sucuri Firewall Setup: A Comprehensive Security Configuration

Sucuri Firewall is a SaaS WAF and IPS designed for websites, intercepting and inspecting incoming HTTP/HTTPS requests and stripping malicious ones at the network edge before reaching servers.

a) How do I set up Sucuri Firewall Protection ?

1. First, log in to Sucuri Firewall Protection.

2. Then, click the website for which you want to enable the firewall.

Sucuri Firewall

3. After that, click on Website Firewall Not Detected (Add Protection).

4. Next, click the “Protect my site now” button after seeing a message stating you have 0 or 5 sites protected, depending on your setup.

5. Then, enter your domain name in the designated field, choose from the available options, and click the “Add Site” button.

6. After that, navigate to the cPanel DNS integration page and click on the “Change selected domain DNS records” button.

7. Next, click the “Return to Dashboard” link.

8. Then, the provided internal domain link should be checked to ensure that your website is correctly displayed.

9. After that, save the “Expected Name Servers” from Sucuri and ensure the correct DNS entries are listed for the next step.

10. Finally, update your name servers to the ones listed in the previous step and allow up to 24 hours for changes to propagate globally.

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