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Managing FTP Sessions in cPanel: A Comprehensive Tutorial

The cPanel FTP session interface displays website users currently logged in via FTP, allowing users to terminate unwanted connections with a single click.

a) How to configure FTP sessions in cPanel

1. Log into cPanel and navigate to the Files section to select FTP Connections tool or search for the FTP Connections  tool in the search bar to explore your cPanel file manager.


2. It will then display the users currently logged into your site. If no user is logged in, a message indicating that no user is logged in will be displayed. Below is the FTP connection information:

  • User: Displays the user name of the logged-in user.
  • Login In Form: Displays the IP address or hostname of the user’s system.
  • Login Time: Displays the user’s login time.
  • Status: Displays session status.
  • Process ID: The system’s FTP session process ID
  • Action: Terminate the connection.

b) Terminate a FTP Connection

If you think that the user is deemed inactive, in IDLE mode for an extended period, uploading large files, or performing malicious actions, the connection can be terminated by clicking the “Disconnect ‘User’” button.

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