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Incorporating a Reference Field in Drupal: Step-by-Step Guide

a) How do I add reference fields in Drupal ?

1. First, navigate to Structure and select Content Types in the Manage administrative menu (Admin/Structure/Types).

2. Then, click on the Manage Fields drop-down button to access the Manage Fields page in a Recipe content type.

3. After that, click on the “Add” field, navigate to the Add Fields page, fill in the necessary fields, and click Save and Continue.

Field name Explanation Example value
Add a new field Options for specifying field types Reference > Content
Label The field title you wish to assign Submitted by


4. Next, the Committers page allows you to set the allowed values, fill in the required fields, and click on the Save field settings button.

Field name Explanation Example value
Type of item to reference Options for selecting reference item types Content
Allowed number of values Specifies the count of values associated with the field. Limited,1


5. Then, the recipe settings submission page allows you to configure a field by filling in the provided fields and clicking the “Save Settings” button.

Field name Explanation Example value
The title displayed on the page for this field
Submitted by
Help text Short text to help content creators The vendor who submitted this recipe is being selected.
Required field Whether a value has to be provided or not Checked
Reference type > Reference method
Options for selecting a reference method
Reference type > Content types Specify the content type Vendor
Reference type > Sort by Sorting field Title
Reference type > Sort direction Sorting order Ascending


6. Finally, the content type now includes a submitter field.


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