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Plesk Email Redirects: A Guide to Setting Up Mail Forwarding

Mail forwarding is a method where letters or packages are sent to your previous or inactive address, delivering them to your current address. This is beneficial for temporary relocations and permanent moves, as it avoids missing emergencies and simplifies communication with potential mail senders.

a) How do I setup mail forwarding in Plesk ?

1. First, log into your Plesk control panel.

2. Then, click Mail and select the email account you want to set up as a forwarder.


3. After that, click on the Forwarding tab.


4. Next, check the “Switch on mail forwarding” box and fill in the email address you want the forwarder to forward to in the “Forward incoming messages to the following email address” box.

5. Finally, click “OK“, and all emails sent to the forwarding account will be forwarded to the forwarding account.


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