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Advanced Techniques: Smarter Mail Backup Automation with RoboCopy

Regularly backing up email files is crucial to preventing data loss in hardware crashes or system failures. If not a professional backup solution, schedule a task in Windows for full backups of Smarter Mail installation, using RoboCopy as a backup solution.

Note: The source and destination folders are mirrored, causing the deletion of any files or folders that no longer exist in the source. Therefore, it’s crucial to use an empty directory for backup storage.

a) How do I configure Windows to regularly backup Smarter Mail ?

1. First, create a C:\ batch file named backupsmartermail.bat.

2. Then, use Notepad to edit it and replace DEST:\FOLDER\ with the destination drive and folder for your backup:

3. After that, save the file.

4. Finally, add a scheduled task to Windows to execute the .bat file regularly.

Note: Professional backup solutions are more resilient to failures and file locks, but for those without the budget, it’s better than not backing up. Smarter Tools does not support this backup method, so be cautious when setting it up and perform a test run to confirm its functionality.

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