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Creating a Media Server: A Guide to Using the Plex VPS Template

Plex Media Server is free software that enables users to create client servers for movies, TV shows, and music. It can organize content such as posters, plot summaries, cast lists, technical details, reviews, and subtitles, and it can also transcode files if the codec is not compatible with the device.

a) Connect the Plex Media Server to your account


1. First, use the ssh root@vps-ip -L 8888:localhost:32400 command in the computer terminal and replace vps-ip with your VPS IP address to create an SSH tunnel from your computer to your VPS.

2. Then, visit http://localhost:8888/web in your web browser to set up your account.

b) Upload media to your Plex media server

Upload using FTP

1. First, open FileZilla and fill in the SSH access details in the Quickconnect section:

  • Host: Your VPS IP address
  • User: root
  • Port: 22

2. Then, click the QuickConnect button to connect to the FTP server. If you encounter an “Unknown Certificate” message, select the “Always trust this certificate in future sessions” option and click the “OK” button.

3. After that, navigate to the desired media folder for convenience like /home/plexlibrary/.

Upload using SSH

1. First, log out of the server, open a terminal or command prompt on your local computer, and use the scp -P 22 /home/user/Desktop/[filename] root@vps-ip:the/ command to upload the file path/to/folder.

2. Then, replace /home/user/Desktop/[filename] with your local path to the file, as shown in a Windows command: scp -P 22 C:/Users/MyUser/Desktop/File.txt root@

3. Finally, you will be prompted to input the server root password, then press the Enter button and wait for the upload to finish.

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