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Customizing Content Display in Drupal: A Step-by-Step Guide

a) How do I change the display of content in Drupal ?

1. First, find and review the vendor content item you created in Enhancing Content Types with Basic Fields in Drupal section. There are various ways to enhance the appearance of your page.

  • The Main Image and Vendor URL fields should not be labeled.
  • The order of fields should be adjusted to prioritize the image.
  • The image should be smaller.

2. Then, navigate to Structure and select Content Types in the Manage administrative menu (Admin/Structure/Types) to resolve the first two issues and update other settings.

3. After that, click on Manage Display in the vendor Content Type drop-down button.


4. Next, select “hidden” for the main image under the “Labelcolumn. Do the same for the vendor URL.


5. Next, click the gear wheel for the vendor URL field to open the configuration options.

6. Then, fill in the fields shown below.

Field name Explanation Example value
Trim link text length Maximum display length of link text Blank (no trimming)
Open link in new window Whether the link should open in a new window or in the same window Checked


7. After that, click on Update.

8. Next, drag the cross-arrows next to the field items to reorder them into Main Image, Body, Vendor URL, and Links.


9. Then, click Save.

10. Next, find the vendor content item from step 1 again and verify that it has been updated.

11. Finally, repeat similar steps to manage the display of the recipe content type fields.

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