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Setting Up Microsoft 365 Admin Business plan: Step-by-Step Guide with Setup Wizard

Microsoft Business streamlines email, calendar, tasks, and contact management, allowing collaboration and file sharing across locations. It also allows for creating a team site for information and resource sharing.

a) How to setup Microsoft 365 Admin using the Setup Wizard ?

Note: Office 365 has been replaced by Microsoft 365, but the functionality remains the same.

1. First, select Go to setup.

Microsoft 365

2. Then, choose to install your Office app. For Microsoft 365 Business Basics, ignore this step.

3. After that, enter your own domain to connect to your Microsoft 365 account, like, and click Next.

4. Before adding a domain name, you need to click “Verify” to prove that you own the domain name via an MX or TXT record.

5. After verifying your domain name, you can create a Microsoft 365 user account, either by sending a new password to your email account or avoiding this step.

6. The login credentials can be sent to an alternate email address, downloaded as a resume file, or printed and shared later.

7. After that, select not to migrate emails to migrate your email account from Gmail to an Office 365 account, and click Next.

8. Next, point your domain DNS to the service to use Microsoft 365 for user emails. If Microsoft hosts your DNS records, select Set up my online services for me. If you manage your own DNS records, the setup wizard will provide a list of DNS records to add to your domain.

9. After that, select the desired online service or choose to skip it and proceed at a later time.

10. Finally, click “Next,” and you are done.

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