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Adjusting User Account Settings in Drupal: Configuration Steps

a) How do I configure user account settings in Drupal ?

1. First, navigate to Configuration, select People, and then click Account Settings (admin/config/people/accounts) in the manage administrative menu.

2. Then, select Administrators Only under Registration and Cancellation for user account registration permissions. Check Require email verification for guest account creation for account registration settings later.


3. After that, change the default email address for user account notifications on the Farmers Market website to maintain a unique email address for staff communication with vendors. (optional)


4. Next, the email template can be customized to suit user-specific occasions, with seven templates available at the core. Three can be disabled via checkboxes. Users can also send their own text and create accounts by editing the welcome template. (optional)


5. Finally, click Save Configuration to save the changes.

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