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Efficient Document Dictation: A Guide to Voice Typing in Google Docs

Google Docs offers a feature where users can transcribe text without using the keyboard, making it suitable for meetings, recordings, or writing faster than typing, making it a versatile tool for text addition and transcription.

Note: Voice input is exclusively available in the Google Chrome web browser and requires a built-in or external microphone on your computer.

a) How do I type with my voice in Google Docs ?

1. First, click “Tools” and then select “Voice Typing“.

Google Docs

2. Then, click Microphone in the small dialog box that appears.

3. If a pop-up window appears, click on “Allow“.

4. Next, start speaking, and Google will transcribe what it hears, and you can use voice commands to add punctuation like commas and periods.

5. Finally, click the microphone again to turn off voice input.

Google’s speech recognition is effective, but it’s not perfect. It highlights uncertain words in gray, making it easier to identify errors. To fix it, right-click on the underlined text.

b) How do I make edits with my voice in Google Docs ?

1. First, hover over the microphone and click the question mark to access the complete list of voice commands.

2. The following are examples of voice commands:

a. “Select are likely to occur.”

b. “Delete.”

c. “might happen.”

d. “Stop listening.” This command turns off voice typing.

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