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Comprehensive Guide to Transferring Smarter Stats Data Across Hard Drives

The Smarter Stats installation requires data relocation due to hardware failure or insufficient disk space.

a) How do I move Smarter Stats data from one hard drive to another ?

1. First, stop the Smarter Stats service and site in IIS.

2. Then, move the Smarter Stats folder from its default location on C:\ to the new location on E:\ or the new drive.

3. After that, navigate to C:\Program Files(x86)\ SmarterTools\SmarterStats\MRS\App_Data\Config\Sites

4. Next, edit the corresponding XML file for each site ID, such as Site1.xml for site ID 1, Site2.xml for site ID 2, etc.

a) First, replace the existing path in each site’s XML file with the new location of the Smarter Stats folder, from step2.

b) Then, save your changes.

5. Then, start the Smarter Stats service and start the site in IIS.

6. Finally, verify the report data loaded across sites.

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