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Smarter Track Event Automation: Streamlining Live Chat with Agent Status Triggers

Smarter Track’s event-driven architecture allows system administrators, managers, and agents to receive notifications when system events occur, such as when an agent’s live chat activity group status changes, enabling efficient communication and collaboration.

a) How do I create an event that sends an email when an agent status is changed in Smarter Track ?

1. First, log in to the Smarter Track management interface as an administrator.

2. Then, click on the menu icon and select “Settings” from the drop-down list.

3. After that, click on “Events” under the “Configuration” heading.

4. Next, make sure the Global tab is selected.

5. Then, click the New button in the content pane toolbar to create a new event, which will open a new event mode.

6. After that, enter the name of the event in the name field.

7. Next, select Activity Group from the list in the Category field.

8. Then, select “Agent status changed for live chat” in the Type field.

9. After that, click OK to open the condition and action settings for the new event.

10. Next, click on the “Conditions” tab and select the “Status” checkbox.

11. Then, select the status that will cause the event to fire.

12. After that, click on the Actions tab.

13. Next, click Add Action.

14. Then, select Send Email from the list in the Action field.

15. After that, fill in the corresponding fields.

16. Finally, click Save.

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