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Opening Documents OneDrive: A Guide to Using Office Online and Desktop Office Programs

Office Online allows users to open and edit documents in a web browser, while desktop Office programs can be used if Microsoft Office is installed on a computer. However, Office Online has fewer features and editing tools.

a) How to open a document with Office Online in OneDrive ?

1. First, click on the document you want to open.


2. Then, click the Edit Presentation button and select Edit in Browser from the drop-down menu.

3. Finally, your document will appear, and you can edit it using Office Online.

4. To close the document and return to OneDrive, click the OneDrive link at the top of the page.

b) How to open a document with a desktop Office program in OneDrive ?

Note: You need a version of Office installed on your computer to use this option.

1. First, navigate and right-click the document you want to open.

2. Then, select “Open in PowerPoint” from the menu, which may be “Open in Excel” or “Open in Word” depending on the desired file.

3. After that, follow the instructions, and your document will open in the desktop Office program.

4. To return to OneDrive, save the document in the desktop program and close it, and your changes will be saved to the OneDrive file.

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