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A Guide to Smarter Stats: Use more or less system resources

Smarter Stats is a low-impact server service that can run in parallel on the same server as your website without consuming too many resources. However, if your server is primarily used for statistical processing, increasing the number of CPUs Smarter Stats uses can significantly speed up the process, making this a beneficial change.

a) How do I increase the amount of CPU used to process stats in Smarter Stats ?

1. First, log into Smarter Stats as an administrator.

2. Then, click on the Settings icon.

3. After that, expand the default folder in the navigation pane.

4. Next, clicking on Server Defaults will load the server’s default settings into the content pane.

5. Then, choose the appropriate option from the resource usage field (low, balanced, high, or custom).

6. Finally, click Save.


  • Rows Before Sleep is the number of data records processed in milliseconds before sleep, allowing the CPU to handle more rows, speeding up tasks, and allowing it to handle other tasks.
  • Row sleep time should be set to 0 or 1, as 1 imports slowly but has minimal CPU impact on the server.
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