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Migrating a Website from cPanel to Webmin: A Step-by-Step Guide

Webmin is a web-based system management tool for Unix-like servers and services, with approximately 1,000,000 installations worldwide each year. It allows users to configure operating system internals as well as modify and control open source applications such as BIND DNS servers, Apache HTTP servers, PHP, and MySQL.

a) How do I do cPanel migration ?

1. First, log into cPanel, navigate to Backup > Full Backup, and fill in the following fields to access the full backup:

  • Destination: choose SCP.
  • Notification email: Enter your email address.
  • Server field: Enter the IP address of the WebMin server.
  • User field: root.
  • Password: Enter the root password.
  • Port: 22.
  • Folder: Enter the “/root” path.

2. Next, click the Generate Backup button and wait for the backup to be downloaded to the WebMin server. A notification email will be sent to the provided email address.


3. Then, log in to Webmin, select the Add Server menu, and then choose the Migrate Virtual Server option.

4. After that, select “Local File” in the source backup file and enter the backup file name and path prefix/root/“, like /root/backup-5.6.2019_21-6-51_UserName.

5. Then, select cPanel backup as the backup file type and fill in the following fields again:

  • Domain name to be migrated: Enter the domain name.
  • Username for the domain: Enter your cPanel username.
  • Administrator Password: Enter your cPanel password.

6. After that, fill in the remaining fields with default values or select “Virtual with IP” if a dedicated IP address is required, then assign a free IP on the Webmin server.

7. Finally, click the Migrate Now button, and it will start doing the migration.

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