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Google Workspace: Common Questions and Answers, Part 8

a) What features does Slides offer ?

Google Workspace

This tool allows users to create charts, graphs, objects, shapes, format text and images, and enable animations.

b) Can I convert other presentations to slides ?

Google Workspace

The original file can be converted to slideshow format, preserving its original format.

c) How does co-editing work ?

Google Workspace

Co-editing allows multiple users to work on the same slide simultaneously, while sharing settings control viewing and editing access, and revision history enables reverting to earlier versions.

d) Can external visitors access the company website ?

Google Workspace

Your company’s site can be accessed by external users without a Google Workspace account, and access can be restricted through sharing settings.

e) Can I still use previous versions of the website ?

Google Workspace

Your company can continue using any previous version of the website without any disruption, as long as you continue editing and sharing it as before.

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