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Comprehensive Guide to Admin Username and Password Reset in Smarter Stats

Sometimes, you may need to reset your system administrator’s username and password, especially if the password is unknown or if a previous administrator changed it without recording it.

a) How to reset the administrator username and password in Smarter Stats ?

1. First, open my computer’s Windows Explorer.

2. Then, navigate to \MRS\App_Data\Config on 64-bit operating systems, which is typically located at C:\Program Files\SmarterTools\SmarterStats.

3. Afterwards, make a backup copy of the AppConfig.xml file.

4. Next, right-click AppConfig.xml, select Open with ->, and then choose any installed text editor like Notepad.

5. Finally, delete the following three lines of code:

smarter stats

Note: To implement the changes, you must restart the Smarter Stats website.

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