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Virtual Private Server (VPS) FAQs: Answers to Common Questions, Part 3

a) Can I connect from multiple locations ?


Yes, VPS can be connected from any location or device with the same details.

b) Can I upgrade to a higher plan later ?

Our Linux and Windows VPS hosting upgrades are smooth and hassle-free, ensuring you can easily upgrade to higher plans in the future without worrying about data loss or downtime.

c) What type of software or applications can I install ?

You have the freedom to install and execute any software or application you desire.

d) Can I host my website using a Linux VPS ?

Linux VPS does not come with website control panels like Webmin or cPanel. To manage them, you need to set up and manage a control panel, which can be purchased, or you can contact us to resolve it.

e) Can I get root access to my own server ?

There is no doubt that you will maintain full control over your own server.

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