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Comprehensive Guide to HTTPS Enforcement for Traffic in Smarter Stats

To enhance Smarter Stats’ security, system administrators can enforce HTTPS traffic through a three-step process: installing a valid SSL certificate, setting up Smarter Stats in IIS, and enabling the setting in Smarter Stats.

a) How do I enable the Smarter Stats setting?

1. First, log into Smarter Stats as a system administrator.

2. Then, click on the Settings icon.

3. After that, click on General Settings, and the settings list will appear in the content pane of the navigation pane.

4. Next, click on the Options tab.

5. Then, check the box next to Force all traffic over HTTPS.

6. Finally, click Save.

b) How do I disable HTTPS traffic?

1. First, disable the setting in Smarter Stats that forces all traffic to go over HTTPS.

2. Then, stop the Smarter Stats site in IIS on the server.

3. Afterwards, stop using the Smarter Stats service.

4. Next, open the web.config file in Notepad. By default, it is stored in C:\Program Files\SmarterTools\SmarterStats\MRS.

5. Then, look for the line in the App Settings section:

<add key=”ForceHttpsTraffic” value=”True” />.

6. After that, change the value from true to false and save the file.

7. Next, start the Smarter Stats service.

8. Finally, start the Smarter Stats site in IIS.

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