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Advanced Techniques: Diagnosing and Fixing SMTP Problems in Smarter Mail on AWS

Smarter Mail on AWS infrastructure may experience SMTP failures or timeouts due to the default configuration of Windows servers. This issue prevents email delivery and disables jumbo frame support. To resolve this, unblock SMTP access and modify the jumbo frame configuration.

a) How do I request SMTP access for the AWS-based Smarter Mail server?

1. First, ensure that your Smarter Mail instance is linked to an elastic or static IP address.

2. Then, configure the DNS record of the public IP address, which requires at least one record and a PTR record.

3. Finally, fill out the SMTP unlocking form on the AWS website. Requests may take several hours to be approved.

b) How do I modify the Jumbo Frame support in Windows to allow SMTP sessions to be completed in Smarter Mail?

1. First, log in to the Windows server where Smarter Mail is installed and open the Network and Sharing Center.

2. Then, click the “Change adapter settings” link on the left side of the screen.

3. After that, right-click the public network interface and select Properties.

4. Next, click the “Configure” button for your network adapter under the “Network” tab.

5. Then, click the Advanced tab, find Jumbo Packets, and increase the value if necessary.

6. Finally, click OK to close the dialog window.

Note: The NIC may temporarily lose network connectivity during the change, and it is recommended to reboot to ensure the changes are effective.

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