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Comprehensive Guide to Processor and Memory Allocation in Hyper-V: A How-To

The task involves allocating CPU, memory, and disk resources to virtual machines on the server, emphasizing that all resources are relative.

a) How do I allocate processors and memory to a virtual machine using Hyper-V ?

1. First, click on Settings in the right panel.


2. Next, navigate to the Memory tab and select Startup RAM to allocate the desired physical RAM to the virtual machine, then click OK to increase virtual machine memory.

3. Then, navigate to the Processors tab on the left side of the panel to increase the number of processors on your computer. You can then enter the number of virtual processors on your computer.

4. After that, compress its capacity by clicking “IDE Controller 0” on the left panel, and then click Edit to expand the virtual hard disk.

5. Then, click Next.

6. After that, select one of the options as per your needs (all options have their own description) and click Next.

7. Finally, click Finish and wait for the process to complete.

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