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Hyper-V iSCSI Storage Mastery: A Comprehensive Configuration Guide

iSCSI is a protocol that enables data transfer between computers and storage devices over a network, enabling Hyper-V hosts to access storage resources as if directly connected to the host, allowing the storage volume to store virtual machine files.

a) How do I configure iSCSI volumes as a storage solution for Hyper-V ?

1. First, type iSCSI in the search bar and select Set up iSCSI initiator.


2. Then, click Yes to configure the iSCSI service to start automatically, ensuring connection to the storage device is set up during server restarts and launching the iSCSI Initiator Properties window.

3. After that, enter the iSCSI target’s IP address in the Target field and click on Quick Connect. If configured correctly, your storage endpoint will be resolved and visible as a discovered target.

4. Next, the target has been correctly discovered, and the status is connected.

5. Then, select your iSCSI discovered device and click Devices… to display the disk map from the local Windows Server perspective. This is crucial on a Hyper-V host with multiple iSCSI volumes.

6. After that, it will look similar in Disk Manager.

7. Finally, configuring specific security or authentication options for iSCSI communication can be done in the RADIUS or Configuration tab.

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