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Understanding Managed Cloud Services: Features and Benefits

a) What is a managed cloud service ?

Cloud Services

Managed cloud services manage customers’ cloud resources, including migration, configuration, optimization, security, and maintenance. They help organizations maximize cloud benefits while minimizing internal time and costs.

b) Benefits of managed cloud services

1. Resource optimization

Managed cloud services assist in selecting the optimal service for the workload, understanding the most suitable pricing models, optimizing performance and cost-effectiveness, and providing clear performance metrics for existing resources. Vendors often offer recommendations for improved configurations.

2. Integrate cloud services

Managed cloud services ensure seamless connectivity of cloud resources to existing systems, facilitating seamless access for employees, users, and applications.

3. Flat, predictable spending

Managed cloud services offer a tiered subscription system that provides budget flexibility and guaranteed monthly payouts. Some providers offer credit systems that allow for more support during periods of high demand and less support during periods of lower demand, making them ideal for organizations with fluctuating schedules, such as tax or audit firms.

c) Key considerations when choosing a managed cloud service provider

1. Skills and expertise

The chosen provider must be familiar with cloud services and business operations, including industry best practices, integrating key tools or applications, and optimizing workflows for cloud resources, ensuring smooth operations and efficient use of resources.

2. Security and Compliance

When evaluating managed cloud services, prioritize security and compliance, as these components can be challenging for organizations to manage. The right provider can ensure significant improvements over independent implementations.

3. Transparency and control

Trust in cloud resource management is crucial, as providers often have full access to your data and depend on your cloud service’s functionality. Choose a provider that is transparent about services and collaborates with your internal team to understand service management, reducing reliance on providers and verifying their service delivery.

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