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Plesk SpamAssassin Activation: Step-by-Step Guide

The SpamAssassin spam filter identifies spam in emails sent to mailboxes hosted on Plesk servers.

a) How do I switch on SpamAssassin in Plesk ?

1. First, go to Tools & Settings and select Spam Filter Settings in the Mail group.

2. Then, select the option Switch on server-wide SpamAssassin spam filters.


3. After that, select “Apply individual settings to spam filtering” to enable users to customize their spam filtering settings for each mailbox.

4. Next, the maximum number of SpamAssassin processes to run (1–5) should be specified in the Maximum number of job spam processes to run field, with the default value recommended.

5. Then, enter the desired value in the field. Messages must score 7 or above to be considered spam to adjust the spam filter sensitivity. If users still receive spam, set a smaller value, like 6. If valid messages are marked as spam, set a higher value.

6. On Windows, define the maximum size of messages that SpamAssassin will process by selecting the “Do not filter if message size exceeds specified size and you provide required value” option. On Linux, this parameter is not available in Plesk.

7. After that, specify the fields and add the text “spam” to the subject of every message, or leave the box blank to prevent spam filters from modifying the subject to mark spam messages as spam.


8. On Windows, use the Trusted Languages and Trusted Locales lists to specify trusted languages and locales.

9. Finally, click the OK button.

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