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Setting Up a User Account in Drupal: Step-by-Step Guide

a) How do I create a user account in Drupal ?

1. First, navigate to People (admin/people) in the Manage administrative menu.

2. Then, click Add User.


3. After that, fill in the form fields below.

Field name Explanation Example value
Email address The supplier’s email address is required for all system emails, but it is not publicly accessible.
Username The supplier’s username is used to log in or author content items, with spaces allowed and punctuation limited to periods, hyphens, apostrophes, and underscores. Sweet Honey
Password The Password Strength Meter allows users to assess the strength of their vendor’s login password and receive tips on improving its security.
(Make a secure password)
Confirm password Enter the same password to prevent any typing errors. (Repeat password)
Status The user account status is set, and blocked users will not be able to log in. Active
Roles Set the user account’s role. Vendor
Notify user of new account Whether to send notifications to the vendor’s email address. Checked
Picture Select the image to upload by clicking on the “Browse” button, and be mindful of size restrictions. Photo of the vendor
Contact settings Enable or disable the display of the account contact form. Checked

4. Next, click on “Create new account” to receive notifications about the creation of a user account.


5. Finally, follow the steps above to create a second vendor account for Happy Farm.

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