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Mastering Patchman in Plesk: Access and Utilization Guide

Patchman simplifies security for hosting providers by proactively patching CMS vulnerabilities and automatically removing malicious scripts. This reduces management utilization by 50%, providing immediate customer value and reducing costs. Patchman also promotes cybersecurity awareness, teaching best practices, and cost-cutting, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction and satisfaction.

a) How do I access and use Patchman in Plesk ?

1. Log in to Plesk Admin by using the https://hostname:8443 URL and replacing the hostname with your own hostname.

2. Then, click the domain you want to access in the Domains section.


3. After that, find the Patchman icon on the right side.


4. Detection provides a comprehensive overview of your malware and vulnerabilities, allowing you to click on the description for additional information.


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