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Hyper-V Storage Migration Mastery: A Comprehensive Guide

Storage migration allows the transfer of virtual hard disks and data from a virtual machine to different physical storage solutions on a Hyper-V host without causing any downtime.

a) How do I move storage between Hyper-V hosts ?

1. First, select the desired virtual machine to move the storage location, then right-click the virtual machine and select Move from the Hyper-V Management Console.

2. Then, click Next.

3. After that, select “Move the virtual machine’s storage” in the “Choose move type” section and click “Next“.


4. Next, select “Move only the virtual machine’s virtual hard disk” in the “Choose Options for Moving Storage” step and click Next.

5. Then, select the VHD file of the virtual machine to move to the new storage location in the Select items to move section and click Next.

6. After that, select the new storage location.

7. Finally, clicking Next will provide a summary of your choices, while clicking Finish initiates the actual moving process.

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