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FAQs on SSL Certificate Renewal Processes and Procedures, Part 4

a) What if I enter the wrong common name ?

SSL certificate

To correct a common name error, cancel and reorder the certificate, and paste the new CSR with the correct spelling.

b) How do I add additional domains to an existing multi-domain, SAN, or UCC certificate ?

SSL certificate

To add additional domains, reissue a valid certificate, enter required domains, purchase additional SAN support, edit existing domains, or remove any domain from the list, except your common name.

c) Why do I receive an “Invalid CSR” error when performing the certificate generation process ?

SSL certificate

An “Invalid CSR” error occurs when the information in the certificate submission (CSR) is inconsistent with the information provided during the certificate generation process, such as a common name not matching the domain name or using special characters in a form field. A new CSR with corrected information is generated.

Note: Wildcard certificates require the common name (domain name) to begin with an asterisk, such as *

d) What does “decoding CSR” mean ?

SSL certificate

Decoding a CSR involves examining the unencrypted code block, and a free CSR decoder can be found on the SSL Decoder website for plain text content display.

e) What should I do if I find incorrect content in my CSR ?

SSL certificate

You can create a new CSR with the correct information.

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