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A Comprehensive Guide to Transferring Tickets Across Multiple Smarter Track Instances

Businesses using multiple Smarter Track installations can easily transfer tickets from one installation to another.

Note: When an agent transfers a ticket to another installation, the original ticket’s status changes to Closed and Locked, and all information except the related project is copied to the new installation.

a) How do I configure the ability to transfer tickets across Smarter Track ?

1. First, log into Smarter Track Management as an administrator.

2. Then, select “Settings” from the navigation icon.

3. After that, click on “Connect Services” and then click the “Smarter Track Connections” tab.

4. Next, click the Add button to initiate Smarter Track connection mode.

5. Then, you need to give the connection a name.

6. After that, the Smarter Track Base URL field should be filled with the URL of the other Smarter Track installation.

7. Next, input the administrator’s username and password in the Administrator Username and Password fields to connect to a Smarter Track installation.

8. Then, click the Save button to connect Smarter Track to the new installation.

9. Finally, return to the Integrations tab and click the Save button in the content pane toolbar.

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