Using PayPal service to increase sales

Accepting payment online has not been easier than before since the existence of PayPal. A world leading online payment gateway system, PayPal offers its users to send and receive payment in 190 markets and in 19 currencies. For personal or business use, PayPal’s system convinces the world its service is created for security and convenience.

Research have shown that by offering non-credit card payment option such as PayPal e-wallet, in addition to other traditional payment method such as bank transfer or credit card, increases online sales by an average of 14%. This is because not many people are keen to revealing their financial information to their sellers or a website.

PayPal offers high security system that secures users’ financial information by preventing unnecessary action for users to type in their financial information such as credit card, bank accounr and etc repeatedly to purchase. All confidential information will be stored only within PayPal. It is like their cyber wallet that they use only when they want to and they do not have to show the sellers their wallet.

PayPal’s market was one of the biggest in Australie and UK, as they are the most preferred online payment service. It is cost effective and no monthly fees required. In addition to that, 80% of buyers are more likely to buy from a website if PayPal is being offered.

There are many web hosting companies that also offers PayPal integration with their ecommerce hosting program. E.g. provides convenient PayPal integration in their web hosting clients who uses their Ecommerce hosting package.

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