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Our System daily run malware website scanning and Get instant alerts to remove malware from your website. We are committed to innovation and consistently enhancing malware detection capabilities to give our customers effective tools against…

8 Ways to Prevent Your Website from Being Hacked – Website Security

All websites face the threat of attack by hackers. Hackers use robots to trawl the internet. They begin by looking for login interfaces and figuring out their login information before trying out more advanced hacking…

5 tips for staying safe on the web

Using the internet is a great way to communicate with others find information and have some fun. Here are five easy ways to help you to stay secure and safe as you browse the web.

Top 5 web security issues | WebServer Malaysia Blog

Cyber criminals have always posed a threat. But now their strategy has changed — and the results can prove devastating. So here are 5 web security issues you should be more careful about.

How to Assure Your Customers That It’s Safe to Shop With You

Shopping online can be a nerve-wracking experience these days. Even when you shop with major retailers, the little voice in your head asks whether it’s safe to give out your credit card number. Between hackers…