8 Ways to Prevent Your Website from Being Hacked – Website Security

All websites face the threat of attack by hackers. Hackers use robots to trawl the internet. They begin by looking for login interfaces and figuring out their login information before trying out more advanced hacking methods. You should learn how to stop these website hackers before its too late!

The 8 methods

You can safeguard your website from attack by cyber criminals through the following eight methods:

1. Stay updated with the latest cyber crime information.
2. Update your CMS version and plugins regularly.
3. Install your system with a web application firewall (WAF) to shield your website from malicious files from the internet.
4. Change Login Details From time to time and use a mix of letters and other characters when creating passwords and usernames.
5. Hide your admin pages to avoid search engine indexing.
6. Use SSL Protocol to secure data on transit especially when personal user details are involved.
7. Regularly back up your data.
8. Limit file uploads as the process is never absolutely safe from bugs.  Use a script when accessing such files to guarantee safety.

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