Content distribution network (CDN)

One of the most common problems for web owners is not being able to transfer data to reach multiple visitors from different places during heavy traffic as their site is based on a centralized server. The transfer of files and other downloadable content such as software, documents, applications and other components of internet delivery becomes slower and result in bottleneck for the server. One of the advantageous of CDN is that it helps to solve this problem.

A content delivery network, also known as content distribution network is a set of system for establishing various of points in network to access copies of data so it can maximize more bandwidth for transfer to allow more access from clients throughout different network countries. The CDN is particularly useful to websites that expect heavy visitors from different parts of the world.

When a request to transfer web files is made by a visitor, the site will automatically start to optimise the data transfer from a closest server to the visitors. This result in better speed for the content being delivered to the user.

Some web hosting company deploy CDN nodes in multiple locations. In addition to that, it also reduces bandwidth costs and improve user’s performance from the result of faster page load and increases the global availability of content. Of course the disadvantages can be costly and include certain complexity to the deployment process.

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