Google vs Facebook Ad credit

Two of the most dominating site that anyone will mostly go through everyday on their web browser is probably Google and Facebook. To the irony, Facebook consider themselves as a competitor of Google then its own social network market such as Twitter, Friendster or Myspace. Both Google and Facebook have their values in the view of visitors and business to reach millions of people around the world.

Leveraging on such massive market generated by the amount of users of these two gigantic sites, it creates an excellent opportunity for people to do publicity work for their company, products and services. There are more than 200 million searches on Google everyday and more than half of the world is aware of where to look for when they have a question to ask the Internet. On the other hand Facebook has more than 400 million active users.

These add-up volume of these two market gives business more than sufficient opportunities to market their products. And as long as there are space and people around, advertising exists. One of the must know online advertising method that any entrepreneur must tap on is the Google and Facebook advertising. Both can be used in the most cost effective way to reach their desired target audience through ads credit they purchase.

Similar like prepaid card system for calls, one are expected to place the maximum bid for an ad to be placed on Facebook or Google. The bid will be deducted according to the PPC (pay per click) of the advertisement. This means the advertiser is expected to pay whenever visitors click on their ads.

Do a thorough research to understand which is better to promote your product by understanding the market. Facebook provides more specific sets of demographics to choose from while Google targets on a broader categories using keyword specification. What’s more important is how the advertisement is being written. It is very important to make sure that the copy of the ad is written with relevant detail to attract potential customers.